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Miró cooking wine

Miró cooking wine is a special wine for cooking, a white wine which is dry and crisp, 14,5% abv. This product has been macerated with a mix of many natural herbs from the Montsant region. Firstly, this Miró wine looks like liquid gold, and it will surely be the perfect complement for your most special culinary recipes. It is also an ideal product for cooking both fish and vegetable soups, as well as stews, poultries, meat and fish casseroles. The Miró cooking wine will give a special effect to your meals, giving it a fine flavor of aromatic herbs. Secondly, at Vermuts Miró we are clear about the importance of a good drink, both when having it alone and when using it for cooking recipes. In this case we want to focus on wines, which are so ideal to prepare certain culinary meals. Wine is used since years to marinate meats, give more flavor to your recipes and tenderize them, but it is also useful to create sauces using reduction.

cooking wine

In this way, the Emilio Miró Salvat Company was created in 1957. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to producing flavored wines and liqueur wines. Years later we decided to specialize in packaged products, but always keeping the original formulas for our drinks. However, our professional team is constantly learning and training, so we usually review our recipes and confirm that they are as balanced and appropriate as always. Summarizing, Miró cooking wine will be your best ally in the most elaborated recipes, but also in the simple ones. Learn how to introduce it in your star meals and you will surely enjoy more complete and tasty recipes. Finally, miró cooking wine, the wine which will give the perfect aromatic herbs flavor to all your meals and recipes.



Special wine for cooking, which is a dry, crisp white wine (14,5% abv) macerated with a mix of natural herbs from the Montsant region. It is very versatile and particularly delicious in seafood soups, vegetal dishes and it is brilliant with meat or fish recipes, bringing a nice touch of the aromatic herbs and depth to your sauces and menus.


  • Bottle :
    • Net capacity : 0,75L
    • Price per liter : 8,26€
  • Box:
    • Net capacity: 4,5L
    • Price per liter : 7,21€

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