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Miró Reserva Vermouth

Miró Reserva is one of the most traditional and popular products of the Miró company. This is made according to the old formula of the house, raised using the soleras method and bottled after a long maceration process. It contains a wide variety of natural herbs that are perfectly combined to achieve its inimitable flavor. The classic Miró Reserva has an amber color that evolves to tile. It is crisp and bright, with hints of wood and spices that are softened by the freshness of some natural forest herbs.

Miró vermouth

As we mentioned, the Miró reserva vermouth ages in oak barrels for 6 months, which gives it a toasted effect. When tasting it you will notice its character and personality based on the ideal mixture of natural aromatic herbs. On the other hand, the Miró Reserva vermouth has a slightly sweet flavor, with a bitter touch and an apparent balance and persistence. Its imposing 1L bottle will ensure you have your meals accompanied with a quality drink that all guests can enjoy.

Reserva Miró

Nowadays, vermouth has become an emblem of weekend and disconnection. At the perfect time of day, vermouth is enjoyed surrounded by friends and / or family, a moment of disconnection that we all appreciate. And what’s better than enjoying it with quality products? Some of the products that have accompanied the Miró Reserva since its inception are the Miró Rojo or the Miró Blanco. We encourage you to have a look at our website and find the one that best suits your tastes: sweet, bitter, light, powerful ... Dare to find your favorite Miró!

vermouth Reus

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The Miró Reserva is made according to the ancient formula of the Miró family, bred by the “soleras” method and packaged after a long maceration process with a large variety of natural herbs, perfectly combined for its inimitable flavour. Its colour is amber with evolution to tile, crisp and bright. Its hints of wood and spices are softened by the freshness of the natural herbs of the forest. As for the taste, it is more complex and with character, well balanced and with great persistence in the mouth.


  • Bottle :
    • Net capacity : 1L
    • Price per liter : 11,25€
  • Box:
    • Net capacity: 6L
    • Price per liter : 10,68€

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