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Miró rancio

Miró rancio is a crianza wine aged in oak which is very popular in the Tarragona D.O. It is a liqueur wine 17% abv. Which is also a dry wine. It is elaborated with dark wines and needs to be aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years. Miro rancio wine has an intense look, with red color and tile hues. It is clean and bright, and it also presents a frank and pleasant aroma of green walnuts in combination with the grapes and oxidation aromas. When consuming the miró rancio, an initial alcoholic feeling is experienced. Anyway, this quickly gives way to complex aromas on the palate, both spiced and toasted and also with a very successful and particular final bouquet.

rancio wine

In order to put this wine in context, it is necessary to know a little about rancio wines. Rancio wines are those which go through an oxidative aging process, temperature changes and that also stay for long in barrels to achieve unique and quality flavors. In this way, they are very elaborated and also aged for a long time. We encourage you to try the miró rancio in the kitchen. There are many pastry recipes in which it will be completely useful. You can also use it to elaborate sauces for meat or pasta. Our personal recommendation is using it to accompany pastries and nuts.

Miró wine

Currently, you can purchase it on our website www.vermutmiro.com in individual format or also in 6-bottles boxes. We also recommend you to take a look at the other products and drinks in our store: Miró red, Miró white, Miró fusion, miró extra dry, miró cooking wine… Try them and delight yourself with the best flavors of the Miró house. You will not regret it! Finally, if you have any question or doubt we will be glad to help you. Please contact us by phone, mail or social media.



Rancio is an aged wine, very typical in the Tarragona D.O.

It is a liqueur wine, 17% abv., made from red wines Tarragona D.O., that has to be aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years.

It has a mahogany colour, clean and clear. On the nose, a complex fruit character that comes from deliberate and controlled oxidation of the wine. It encompasses aromatic notes reminiscent of mixed nuts with a touch warming spices, caramel and toffee.

Very singular with full body and a long aftertaste, Rancio is ideal for drinking with sweets, nuts or as an after-dinner wine.


  • Bottle :
    • Net capacity : 0,75L
    • Price per liter : 10,66€
  • Box:
    • Net capacity: 4,5L
    • Price per liter : 9,03€

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