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Miró Bianco Vermouth

Miró Bianco Vermouth is another of our traditional special vermouths from the Miró company. This vermouth contains dry white wine as a base, to which a sugary, smooth and refined touch is added. A combination of natural aromatic herbs is added to this mixture in order to give it a sophisticated and characteristic aroma and taste.

Reus Vermouth

Its color is pale yellow, with a bit of transparency and brightness. It also has some emerald green shades. When smelling it, we can perceive a fresh and fruity aroma, and when tasting it we can perceive a slightly sweet, soft and silky taste. Notes of saffron, mint and vanilla can also be perceived. In this way, Miró Blanco Vermouth will be the perfect accompaniment to your aperitifs, with the inimitable family recipe that makes it unique. Like the rest of our most popular vermouths, Miró Blanco Vermouth can be served as an accompaniment to aperitifs, but it can also be used in culinary recipes. In this case, white vermouth is usually good in recipes such as fish dishes and some rice dishes. You can also use it as an accompaniment to tapas such as cheeses, Iberian cured meats, fried food and others.

white Vermouth

The Vermuts Miró team encourages you to try Miró Blanco Vermouth with your traditional recipes. Cooking with vermouth opens up a wide range of possibilities, giving dishes a caramelized and aromatic touch that gives recipes subtlety and elegance in the mouth. On the other hand, when it comes to serving our Miró, the general guideline would be to serve it cold, without ice and without any other accompaniment. However, many people prefer to drink it with ice and a soda siphon, making it more refreshing. In the case of Miró Blanco Vermouth, you can add the peel or a wedge of lemon, which will give it a more acidic touch. Finally, Miró Bianco Vermouth should be served at around 6-8ºC to properly appreciate all its nuances and aromas. Don't wait any longer and get yours at www.vermutmiro.com!



Miró’s Vermouth Bianco has an integrated bitterness from wormwood and gentian with plenty of aromatic herbs, sweet spices and zesty citrus to make this Bianco stand out. Bold, bright-colour and balanced, Miró Bianco is the perfect aperitif for sipping and mixing into all type of cocktails.


  • Bottle :
    • Net capacity : 1L
    • Price per liter : 7,50€
  • Box:
    • Net capacity: 6L
    • Price per liter : 7,12€

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