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Miró altar wine

The altar wine Miróis a liqueur wine. It has 15% abv.and it is made with the partially fermented grape juice. In this way, the skins and seeds are removed and the sugar richness is kept. When the fermentation takes place, it is stopped by adding wine alcohol. This process is carried out when two-thirds of the wine is already fermented. In this way, we achieve the alcohol’s desired degree (15%) keeping also a correct natural sugar concentration. But the process does not end here yet. Finally, a natural oxidative aging takes place. It lasts at least 3 months. This is how we make sure that such characteristic aromas and flavors of this wine are kept at the time of the final bottling.

altar wine

Aesthetically, altar wine Miró has a yellow-orange color. It has brick-colored tones anda sharp, bright appearance. With the aroma of fleshy fruits and ripe grapes, altar wine Miró was a subtle note of green walnuts and spices. Its taste in the mouth is smooth with a frank touch. It is a balanced wine with a pleasant ending on the palate. It is perfect for ecclesiastical use, so it has also a ecclesiastical certificate. In addition, we know that a good mass wine must be natural and without additives. The preferred are the ones with a sweet and sometimes dry character. The sugar content must also be obtained naturally, as we carry out in the Miró company.

eclesiastic wine

In short, we encourage you to check that altar wine Miró is the perfect complement for ceremonies and ecclesiastical acts. Get your altar wine Miró for only 5,43€ on our website www.vermutmiro.com. You can choose between the individual format or the 6-bottle box.



The Altar Wine Miro is a fortified wine of 15% alcohol. It is a blend of white local grapes (moscatell, macabeu, airén). It is elaborated with the partially fermented grape juice –after removing the skins and seeds- into which wine alcohol is added to stop the fermentation when, approximately, two-thirds of the wine has fermented. This way, the wine will have good alcohol content (15%) while leaving a high concentration of natural sugars. Finally, and in order to obtain some specific aromas of this fortified wine, an oxidative process is carried out for a minimum period of three months.

It has a bright yellowish/reddish colour with brown tones. It shows an intense aroma, yet with a soft nose of ripe grapes with subtle notes of walnuts and spices.

The Altar Wine is accompanied with an Ecclesiastical Certificate.


  • Bottle :
    • Net capacity : 0,75L
    • Price per liter : 10€
  • Box:
    • Net capacity: 4,5L
    • Price per liter : 7,23€

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