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Reus is well-known for being a very active city in many things and, moreover, it is a city that not only cares about its own culture but is a point of cultural appeal both national and international, and so it has been recognised as the Capital of Catalan Culture in 2017 and the City of Music 2018.

Therefore, Vermuts Miró has made a strong commitment to engage with the culture of Reus, since we consider that it is one of the most important aspects that makes a city grow up and be more open. We don’t only want to see that, we want to be part of it and for that reason we are sponsoring the organizations and events described below.

We want to get involved at the local level -our roots-, but also in a broader field, such as our collaboration with the Catalan Art Gallery Guild. We jointly organize the MIRÓ & ART Contest, a contest that brought together 62 works by 50 participating artists in its last exhibition.

Bravium Teatre
“Bravium Artístic i Cultural” is the name of a theater group of Reus, known simply as Bravium Theater. It has a theater where they make their performances, and also participate in the city´s festivals such as the Carnival, the Cavalcade of Three Wise Kings, the Mercadal Market, etc.

In 1990, Jaume Amenós was elected as President, who fostered the entity, and died on December 5, 2014. On February 20, 2015, Ferran Figuerola was elected as the new President by the Board of Directors.

Art Gallery Guild
The purpose of this institution is the defence of the galleries sector as well as its integration in the social network to relaunch the prestige of the gallery world.

The most people engaged with the project of this institution, the most convincing sector will be in the society and in front of the institutions, both public and private.

Escola Cinema Reus
Reus Ciutat de la Música 2018
“Reus, Ciutat de la Música 2018” is a cultural event that proposes different goals to enhance the musical activity that is taking place in Reus, in the Camp de Tarragona and throughout the country. It offers the city as a stage to promote all kinds of music.

The will is to make all the streets a space of shared music, approaching different proposals and styles, thinking in all the public and giving visibility to all the ordinary activity of the city. It also has a social component with solidarity and inclusive projects.

Association of Concerts of Reus
The Association of Concerts is an entity in the city of Reus founded in 1921 whose objective is to bring music to its partners. Thanks to an agreement, they can use the Fortuny Theater.

A group of music and enthusiasts wanted to bring their musical figures of the moment to the city to spread the musical culture among the associates. All joined in the summer of 1921, they drafted statutes, which were approved quickly and in December of that year they organized the first musical course at the Bartrina Theater, since a majority of founders were members of the “Centre de Lectura”, the owner of the theater.

Orfeó Reusenc

In Reus, choral activity began on November 14, 1860 with the creation of the Choral Section of the “Centre de Lectura”. In 1892, Mr. Estanislau Mateu i Mas took the leadership and transformed the choral to an Orfeon of male voices: the “Orfeó Reusenc del Centre de Lectura”.

At the moment, the Orfeó Reusenc is made up of forty singers. Directed by Albert Galcerà, he performs very different kinds of concerts in the city and counties. His main performances include the Mass of Mercy, the Song of the Mercy “Goigs”, the Christmas Concert and “Glossa de Nadal”, the Spring Concert, the Festa Major Concert, the Verbena Concert, the Sant Pere Office, and also, they put the music to “Els Pastorets”,  among others.

Vermut Miró de Reus

El nostre vermut és conegut, també, per portar el segell Reus. La ciutat de reus es caracteritza per la seva constant promoció de l’esport i és per això que a Vermuts Miró ens sentim identificats amb l’esport i amb els diferents clubs esportius de la ciutat. Ens agrada que hi hagi un vincle entre la ciutat de Reus i l’esport. El vermut és una beguda que acompanya en molts moments de la vida del reusenc, i és per això que no pot faltar que l’empresa tingui diverses col·laboracions amb alguns equips de Reus, com ara el Club Natació Reus Ploms, o el Reus Deportiu, fent honor als colors roig i negre.

El segell Reus de vermut Miró no només destaca per recolzar l’esport que es practica constantment a la ciutat. Sinó que l’empresa també aposta de forma considerable per la cultura, i la defensa podent col·laborar amb entitats de l ciutat com són Bravium Teatre, Reus 2018 Ciutat de la música, l’Orfeó Reusenc, el Gremi de galeries d’art de Catalunya, entre altres.

Vermut Miró de Reus

Miró no perd la seva essència, i amb el pas dels anys s’ha guanyat un prestigi que ara es pot definir com el segell Reus del vermut més important dins i fora de la ciutat. Tot reusenc sap que la ciutat té uns objectius que són la promoció de la cultura i de l’esport i és per aquest motiu que s’organitzen diverses activitats on Vermuts Miró hi pot ser present gràcies a les col·laboracions que ha anat aconseguint al llarg dels anys juntament amb la crescuda del seu prestigi.

La implicació de vermut Miró no acaba aquí. El segell Reus se l’ha guanyat implicant-se també en temes socials i prestant interès i atenció a la gent de la ciutat. Tant és així que també col·labora amb entitats com CTT Ganxets de Reus, fundació Frederic Bara i Cortiella, o amb la Fundació Esclerosi Múltiple de Tarragona.

CTT Ganxets de Reus
CTT Ganxets is a sports club in Reus, made up of male and female players of all ages, amateurs and professionals who enjoy playing table tennis.

They have a team of qualified coaches to cover all levels of training and offer the following services: initiation school (from 6 years of age), technification school for all ages, adult-directed classes, initiation and promotion of table tennis in schools, tennis table for the elderly (> 65 years) and sports psychology integrated in table tennis.

Asociación Liga contra el cáncer Tarragona y Tierras del Ebro
The League Against Cancer in the Counties of Tarragona and Terres de l’Ebre has the main objective of controlling cancer in the population of the counties of Tarragona. To achieve this goal, the League develops a series of activities, such as research, prevention, early diagnosis, support for patients and their families, and health education, among others.
Asociación Down Tarragona
The Down Tarragona Association is a non-profit organization, formed in 2007, the result of the initiative of a group of parents, mothers and relatives of the province of Tarragona with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with the syndrome of Down and other intellectual disabilities, and help them to become actively incorporated into society.
Ángel Olaran solidarity initiatives center

It is an NGO, a non-profit organization for development.
Its purpose is to collaborate, provide assistance or assistance, as well as develop and develop new or complementary projects, on activities directed or related to humanitarian, health, social or educational aid in Wukro, in the Tigray area, in northern Ethiopia, in collaboration with the Basque missionary Angel Olaran, who is in charge of the St. Mary ‘s Institution. They are more than 10 years of help to Father Ángel Olaran.

Fundació Mn Frederic Bara
The Fundació Mn. Frederic Bara i Cortiella is a non-profit organization that has been aiming for a compensatory and preventive action for children for more than 30 years, welcoming and attending, preferably through leisure activities, to those children who for different reasons have economic, social or family needs. It has a team of professionals and the help of volunteers that make it possible.
Fundació Esclerosi Múltiple
The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is a non-profit private entity, born in Barcelona in 1989. The aim is to improve the quality of life of people with multiple sclerosis. In Catalonia, there are 7,000 people who suffer from this disease.

The mission, besides improving the quality of life of people affected by the disease, is to allocate resources for the research. The Foundation fulfils its mission from various fields: information, patient care, neurorehabilitation services, training and job placement.

Associació AFANOC. Nens amb càncer.

The “Associació de Familiars i Amics de Nens Oncològics de Catalunya” (Association of Families and Friends of Children Treated for Cancer of Catalonia), was founded in 1987 by a group of parents who saw the need to join forces to work to improve the quality of life of all these children and to work towards providing for all of the needs and unknowns concerning childhood cancer.

Association of Families of Alzheimer Costa Dorada

The AFA are Associations of Relatives of Alzheimer’s patients, the most frequent type of dementia in the world, since it represents 70% of the cases. In addition, these associations also support relatives of patients with other less frequent dementias.

social implication

After our engaging in culture, we could not ignore the social aspect, since a city is characterized by its people and the social projects that are carried out there, as well as by the desire to grow socially. And as we have mentioned before, Vermuts Miró has a very well-known seal of our city, but also of the territory that surrounds it.

That´s why we collaborate actively with the Centre Neurorehabilitador Mas Sabater de la Fundació Esclerosi Múltiple (FEM) de Tarragona, with the Tennis Club Taula Ganxets de Reus (CTT) and the Fundació Mn. Frederic Bara i Cortiella. All of them carry out great social work in the city of Reus.

Reus Deportiu
Reus Deportiu is a sports club in Reus, founded in 1909. It is especially known for its roller hockey section; they have won eight Europe Cups among other titles.

Its facilities include: six swimming pools, two jacuzzis, two saunas, two steam baths, a 400 m2 gym, three multipurpose rooms, a cycling room, a basketball pavilion, five tennis courts, four paddle courts, 2 multipurpose soccer courts and 1 hockey sports hall with capacity for 2,500 spectators, as well as multipurpose rooms for activities of judo, hapkido, karate, tai-chi, skating and gymnastics rhythmic.

Club Natació Reus Ploms
Club Natació Reus Ploms is a sports association born in 1918, defined as sporting service, for no lucrative purpose. Its basic objectives are the promotion, teaching and practice of various non-professional sports, especially swimming, as well as facilitating the development of the sports, social and cultural activities of its partners.

The Club Natació Reus Ploms is registered in the Catalan Swimming Federation, and currently has a place in the maximum competition of swimming and water polo, in the Catalan and Spanish leagues, with teams in all categories.

CTT Ganxets de Reus
CTT Ganxets is a sports club in Reus, made up of male and female players of all ages, amateurs and professionals who enjoy playing table tennis.

They have a team of qualified coaches to cover all levels of training and offer the following services: initiation school (from 6 years of age), technification school for all ages, adult-directed classes, initiation and promotion of table tennis in schools, tennis table for the elderly (> 65 years) and sports psychology integrated in table tennis.

implication with sports

From Vermuts Miró we also feel very involved in the world of sport since our city has shown year after year a firm commitment to sport. And this is evident in the constant sporting events that are organized and that connect our city with physical activity.

Thus, the “Vermut de Reus” is actively involved in sports. Hence, we promote different collaborations with some of the local sports entities: the Reus Deportiu and Club Natació Reus Ploms.

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